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Easy to use

Simplicity and easy-of-use are what drive most the daily decicions we make. KISS to max!


Code Quality

We  care deeply about the quality of our code and products; nothing but the latest and greatest!

Customer support

We take customer support serious more then anything else; we will never leave you hanging!

Our Products

HTML Builder v2

HTML Builder is our very first site builder. It builds on the concept of using re-usable modules (or "blocks" as we like to call 'em) to quickly and painlessly create awesome landing pages. It started out as a simple one-page builder, but we quickly expanded the functionality and added support for multiple pages. HTML Builder is mainly a front-end script (with only a handful of PHP scripts included) and is easily integrated into any existing platform. It's built using mainly vanilla Javascript with just a dash of jQuery.

SiteBuilder Lite

SiteBuilder Lite is our second, and most popular website builder. After successfully launching HTML Builder, we received a lot of requests for additional back-end functionality. So we took HTML Builder and wrapped it in a fully functional PHP application offering additional features such as user accounts and logins, saving multiple sites, page templates, publishing websites and revisions.

SiteBuilder Laravel

SiteBuilder Laravel is the Laravel framework version of SiteBuilder Lite. As SiteBuilder Lite was built using the CodeIgniter PHP framework, we noticed a popular demand for a Laravel version allowing developers to integrate SiteBuilder into their Laravel based projects.

SiteBuilder Pro

Launch date: 30th of April, 2017
SiteBuilder Pro is the next iteration of our popular SiteBuilder Lite product and contains several additional, much requested, features. It will offer features like paid memberships, advanced hosting options, fully functional forms as well as a more advanced drag & drop engine, giving the end-users finer control over their page designs.

Our Team

Matt Naus

Matt Naus

Director, developer

Matt has been involved in programming and building web applications for more then a decade. Passionate about UI/UX and product design, Matt spend his days crafting awesome experiences for Chilly Orange’s customers and coming up with new product ideas.

Tapan Kumer Das

Tapan Kumer Das


Tapan is a passionate programmer and feels right at home coding in languages ranging from PHP to C# and .NET. He’s been busy building a wide variety of web sites and applications over the years. Tapan makes sure Chilly Orange applications run smooth like a kitty and receive regular updates.

Shuvo Musa

Shuvo Musa


Musa is an absolute geek and passionate about Front-End development. He has been involved with UI/UX for more than 6 years. He is strict about convention and loves modern tools. Musa makes sure Chilly Orange Applications have a clean & modern UI.

SiteBuilder Pro officially on it’s way!

SiteBuilder Pro is coming in Q1 2017! More then two years after releasing our very first site builder product (HTML Builder) we have finally been able to fully commit to developing a Pro version of our popular SiteBuilder product. Ever since we initially launched...
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HTML Builder 2.2

We're proud to have released the latest version of our HTML Builde! We have finally been able to implement a couple popular requests: No more modes - no more switching between block, content and detail modes! From now on, you click and get your business done! Inline...
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Anyone wants a ticket to MicroConf Europe (Barcelona in August)?

I was super excited to finally be able to attend my first MicroConf Europe when I was able to purchase a ticket just two days after the early bird sales started. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, there's a large chance I will not be able to make it to the...
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A word in favour of static HTML over CMS sites

For the better part of the past decade, Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal have been the modus operandi for web designers and developers when building a web site. Need as site? Hop over to wordpress.org, grab the latest version, download,...
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CodeCanyon Tip: publish items more then once

When developing a product specifically for Envato Market, CodeCanyon in particular, it goes without saying you would want this product to generate as much revenue as possible. One way to achieve this is to look for ways to publish a single product multiple times on...
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How to create a professional live demo environment for your products

When it comes to selling digital products online, having a live demo to show off your product is extremely important. No matter wether you're selling Wordpress themes, self-hosted web applications or SaaS products, having the ability to show your potential customers...
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I’m still alive!

I have been so terrible at maintaining my blog, it's almost embarrassing! For the past couple of months, I haven't posted anything but a bunch of release statements for product updates. Terrible, I know... I have made so many commitments to blogging regularly, but so...
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HTML Builder 1.9

We have just released HTML Builder v1.9. With this new version we have made a start implementing saving sites. Since HTML Builder is pretty much a front-end solution only, without a MySQL database in the back, we've chosen to implement the saving feature using the...
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SiteBuilder Lite v1.3

We have just released SiteBuilder Lite v1.3. Besides a couple of bug fixes and improvements, we've made a start with the so-called "templates" feature where the administrators can create pre-build page templates for their users. Other changes below: fixed: background...
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Protect your web site against downtime with Failswitch!

As most web site owners fill find out sooner or later, web sites CAN & WILL go down at some point. There's a good reason why hosting providers never, ever advertise 100% uptime. It's a simple fact of live, at some point you will experience some sort of trouble...
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Chilly Orange is a small boutique software shop working out of sunny Thailand. Between the three of us, we have several decades of experience developing a wide range of web applications and other software. More recently, we have focussed on building tools to create websites with.