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Databased: four weeks in


Yesterday, it was exactly four weeks ago that I released my first application into the wild (the wild being and it has been an interesting four weeks, no doubt! Let’s start off with the numbers! As of yesterday, Databased has generated 74 sales, netting a total revenue of $2.190. After Envato takes their cut, I am left with $1.126.62. What exactly did I do to earn this money...

Brand new dedicated support site


I am proud to announce Chilly Orange’s brand new dedicated support site, located at . Since giving support through the comment section on CodeCanyon or Themeforest can make a man’s hair go grey, I decided to move support away from the market place. This will allow us to give much better support, plus it will keep all issues in a clear and single location, making it easier for...

Databased version 1.2.2


After finally being able to focus my attention on Databased again, I’ve been able to release version 1.2.2. The following bugs and features have been addressed/implemented: fixed: tables without primary key can not be updated fixed: the date fields show through the connected data drop down when editing or creating record fixed: issues when deleting records referenced by third table fixed:...

Databased: 19 days in


It’s been a rather slow week, mostly due to me being struck by some horrible food poisoning, which confined me to my bed for the past week or so. This combined with some contract work I am doing, has prevent me from moving forward with Databased. Sales have kept trickling in, and we currently stand at 54 sales, making me a whopping total of $833.38. Still got a long way to go, but it will...

Databased: 11 days in


In the previous post, I explained what Databased is and why I decided to build it. In this post, I’ll briefly explain what I’ve done so far to launch it and generate some initial sales. I launched the first version of Databased on CodeCanyon, last Thursday (eleven days ago today). We submitted it a few days earlier, but the reviewers saw it fit to request a few changes to the...

Application One: Databased


I needed this little write-up done asap; since I have already (kind off) launched this product. I will write another post later today or tomorrow detailing what I have done so far in terms of launching the product, sales, etc. In this post, I’ll talk a little bit about the application first.   What is it? Databased is a self-hosted (for the time being) database application which allows...

Found myself without a job and decided to try starting a software product business


  Here goes! After working on half a dozen businesses and companies for the past six years, I recently found myself without work and without regular income. I figured this might be a good moment to dust off my software company (I founded Chilly Orange over three years ago and never really did anything great with it) and start fulfilling my destiny; building awesome software and trying to...

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