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Databased: 8 weeks in


Yep! It’s been a whole eight weeks already since I published Databased on CodeCanyon! So I figured today would be a good time to share some figures and talk a bit about who the past eight weeks have been. As of today, Databased has sold 124 copies. Therefor, on CodeCanyon, the application has generated $3,720. Of that $3,720, $1,997.20 ended up in my own pocket. I guess I can say I’m...

Databased will be split in half!


Yep. You read it right, no typos or spelling mistakes. I’m going to be splitting our beloved application in two! Enough funny business, let me explain; I will be releasing a new version of Databased in the next few weeks. The current version will be rebranded as “Databased Server Edition” and the new version will be branded as “Databased Personal Edition”. The server...

Sent API v1.2 released


Sent API version 1.2 has just been accepted onto CodeCanyon. This small update adds the following two new features: Dynamic “reply to” fields Instead of specifying a static value for the custom “_replyto” field, you can now enter a dynamic value. This will allow you use the value of another field within the form as the value for the “replyto” field. This works...

Databased v1.3.1 released


We’re proud to announce version 1.3.1 of our Databased product! The latest version was accepted into CodeCanyon about an hour ago. This latest version included the following upgrades and fixed: fixed: can’t delete admin users fixed: automatically showing new column details in new table popup fixed: better support for messy database, table and column names feature: CSV imports for new tables...

Sent API: 7 days in


It’s been exactly seven days since I released my second product, Sent Api, and therefor I figured I’d write down a quick update of the results so far. The good people at CodeCanyon saw it fit to price Sent API significantly lower then our first product Databased, at $14. Of course this came as a bit of a disappointment, especially since I was hoping for a $20 price tag. Anyway...

Snappy Checkout: promising new solution for selling online


While consuming my daily dose of early morning Hacker News, I ran into this little thread on the page two: . This “Show HN” thread discusses a recently developed service for processing online payments. It’s called Snappy Checkout, and I’m impressed! The first thing that caught my attention is the fact Snappy Checkout accepts both Stripe and Paypal. I think all of us who...

Easy-does-it Ajax file uploads


Remember the days where we had to pull out all the stops when trying to make Ajax file uploads work? Nasty iFrame implementation and all? Well, no more! We’re finally reaching a point where it’s becoming safe to use a new HTML5 feature called “the formdata object”. What this comes down to is basically a better version of the old XHR object used to make asynchronous...

Application Two: Sent API


Ok, it’s not an application in the traditional sense; it’s an API! Simply put, Sent API allows you to make html forms on static web site fully functional without having to code anything. You simply point the action attribute of your form to your installation of the API, and Sent will handle the rest. Sent is self-hosted, as is Databased, and therefor needs to be installed on a server...

First impressions of Macaw


Since Monday, the Tweerverse and interwebs at large have been buzzing with posts, tweets and first experiences of Macaw. I too have been following the development of this much anticipated piece of software for the past few months (ever since I saw a demo video posted on Hacker News a couple of months ago, I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a version to try out). Together with everybody...

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