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A Small Orange is my new best friend!


After being screwed over royally by the past two weeks, it was time for me to yet again start looking for a trustworthy hosting partner. I have been around long enough to know that when it comes to hosting, you’d better be careful with the cheap ones. Sure, we all like a fully managed VPS with WHM/cPanel for $10 per month, however when shit hits the fan and you need help...

Hosting horror stories: stay clear of VPS9!


I’m sure we all got them, those stories of when hosting goes terribly wrong and you’re totally hung out to dry by your trusted hosting partner. In the odd twelve years I’ve been involved with building, maintaining and hosting web sites for clients, I have seen my fair share of totally worthless hosting companies. My recent experiences with is the latest addition to that...

Databased Personal Edition has been released


I’m more then happy to announce the launch of Databased Personal Edition on CodeCanyon! The new release has been accepted onto the market place just minutes ago. To learn more about the differences between Databased Server Edition (previously the original Databased) and Databased Personal Edition, have a look at this previous post. Or to learn more about my initial decision to create a...

Databased Personal Edition is almost ready!


I’m very happy to announce that Databased Personal Edition is getting close to being released! Another week or so, and hopefully it will be available over at CodeCanyon. For those who haven’t read my previous post about the development of Databased Personal Edition, please have a look here. The main goal of this new release is to provide a simpler and lighter version of the existing...

Databased updates


Just a quick post to let the world know about two recent updates to our beloved Databased application. The first update fixed up a whole bunch of small bugs (an exact log can be found on the application’s CodeCanyon page) AND finally made the application translation ready! As off now, all text used throughout the application is placed in a separate language file. Besides allowing for easy...

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