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Protect your web site against downtime with Failswitch!


As most web site owners fill find out sooner or later, web sites CAN & WILL go down at some point. There’s a good reason why hosting providers never, ever advertise 100% uptime. It’s a simple fact of live, at some point you will experience some sort of trouble with your web site and if your web site is a crucial part of your business, the damage can be quite extensive. In the ever...

Databased Server Edition v1.4.5


After nearly 10 months, we were finally able to free up some time and implement some much needed improvements into our beloved first CodeCanyon item: Databased Server Edition! During this update, we’ve focussed mostly on fixing up dozens of bugs; both big and small and unfortunately, we weren’t able yet to implement any major new features. We’re hoping though, that from now on...

7 Awesome HTML Templates using our HTML Builder


These days, HTML templates bundled with fancy Page Builders are all the rage! Instead of having only a bunch of static HTML pages, more and more template authors are choosing to offer their clients the additional functionality of quickly and easily putting together custom pages to suit their needs. Chilly Orange released such a HTML page builder last year. With our HTML Builders, users can drag...

HTML Builder 1.82


We have just released HTML Builder v1.82. We have decided to drop the frame zooming function as it was giving too many performance issues, especially with Chrome. And since most buyers and users are using larger screens, we figured it’s save to display the blocks and canvas full size. To be on the save site, we now automatically hide the entire sidebar, which will re-appear when hovering...

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