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3 Basic Google Analytics Features every Single Founder Should be Using


In this post I’ll cover a couple of basic Google Analytics features every single founder should be using. They’re all part of the basic feature set of GA (Google Analytics) and don’t require deep technical skills or hours to set up. Personally I stayed away from using Google Analytics over the years. It seemed so overwhelming to really get value from it, I simply kept making excuses for why I...

Mistakes I made launching my latest project


Looking back at launching SB Pro at the end of May; I now realize I have made a bunch of obvious mistakes. Admitting to these mistakes and writing them down here will hopefully help others prevent making the same mistakes. At the very least, it will prevent me from making them again! Mistake 1: Setting a fixed launch date This was by far, the biggest mistake I made. I have made the same mistake...

Why developers-turned entrepreneurs struggle with growing their businesses


When speaking with colleague programmers, it seems the majority of them either have concrete plans to start a (side) business of some sort or the ambition to do so someday. When they finally start working on their big idea, marketing/sales in particular, and overall growth in general, are areas they often struggle with. I know I did, and still do. What gives? Developers are often product people...

Reverse Engineering A Successful Lifestyle Business


Just ran into this amazing article on Toomas about “Reverse Engineering A Successful Lifestyle Business“. It’s an awesome article based on the author’s findings going over experiences from successful lifestyle business founders over at Indie Hackers. Everyone thinking about starting a (lifestyle) business should definitely read this!

Self hosted DIY website builder for digital agencies


It’s been in the making for quite some time; but SB Pro is now finally here! After officially launching the end of May, we have a seen a steady flow of new customers looking to launch their very own website builder platform. Who is it for? Our typical customers are small to medium sized digital agencies, mostly focussing on web design and web development. We are seeing that a growing number...

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