Matthias Naus
front-end developer

Matthias has been involved in programming and building web applications for more then a decade. Passionate about UI/UX and product design, Matthias spend his days crafting awesome experiences for Chilly Orange’s customers and coming up with new product ideas.



Tapan Kumer Das

Tapan is a passionate programmer and feels right at home coding in languages ranging from PHP to C# and .NET. He’s been busy building a wide variety of web sites and applications over the years. Tapan makes sure Chilly Orange applications run smooth like a kitty and receive regular updates.


Zoe Fong

With a masters degree in sociology and anthropology, Zoe knows a thing or two about human behaviour! She puts this knowledge to great use in making sure Chilly Orange’s customers are as happy as they can possibly be!


Shuvo Musa

Musa is an absolute geek and passionate about Front-End development. He has been involved with UI/UX more than 6 years. He is strict about convention and loves modern tools. Musa makes sure Chilly Orange Applications have a clean & modern UI.