Found myself without a job and decided to try starting a software product business



Here goes! After working on half a dozen businesses and companies for the past six years, I recently found myself without work and without regular income. I figured this might be a good moment to dust off my software company (I founded Chilly Orange over three years ago and never really did anything great with it) and start fulfilling my destiny; building awesome software and trying to sell it!

Now, I have plenty of experience building products; less so when it comes to marketing and selling those products. But I did have some moderate success a couple of years ago running a site selling web designs, hopefully that will be enough to built on and get the ball rolling.

I don’t have a clear plan as to how to make this experiment successful, but I have some ideas about things I’d like to try and during my experiments, I’ll post my findings to this blog and hopefully be able to provide some valuable information for other developers turning entrepreneur.

This is going to be my approach:

  1. I am going to build software products which I want for myself (but currently can’t find, or for which the available alternatives don’t meet my criteria)
  2. I will sell these products, be it in a self-hosted form, SaaS form or both
  3. I will maintain this blog with the progress I am making (planning to write at least one weekly update) and I’ll try to be as open as I can be, including about the finances
  4. Keep doing the above for at least six months and then re-evaluate

My current situation

Like I mentioned, I lost my monthly income recently, so at the moment I am living of my savings (which might last me another two months) plus I have a few contract jobs lined up this month and next month; all in all I should be fine for the next three to four months. Fortunately, I am living in Thailand where the cost of living is still relatively low. This all means I have roughly four months to make this happen and start earning a (more or less) regular monthly income again. The goal is to replace my previous monthly income which was a little over $3000 per month. So here goes!

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I have been building web applications and other digital products for more then a decade. Currently on an exciting journey discovering the ins and outs of content marketing while growing my newest business. Dedicated to helping digital agencies and entrepreneurs around the world succeed!

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