Application Two: Sent API


Ok, it’s not an application in the traditional sense; it’s an API!

Simply put, Sent API allows you to make html forms on static web site fully functional without having to code anything. You simply point the action attribute of your form to your installation of the API, and Sent will handle the rest.

Sent is self-hosted, as is Databased, and therefor needs to be installed on a server somewhere. Fear not through, as it comes with a very easy and straight forward installation script; just enter the details needed to connect to your MySQL database and you’re all set!

Upon receiving the data from your forms, Sent will compose a nice email (could be either text or HTML, depending on how you have configured the API) and sends it the receiver specified in the API url.

Below are some of the most significant features of Sent:

  • submit forms using a regular email address OR email mask (essentially hiding your email address so it can’t be scraped)
  • specify hidden fields for a custom confirmation message, custom email subject, custom reply to field and more
  • easy and straight forward validation with tons of options for validation rules
  • handles file uploads with a breeze (and attaches these to the email being sent)
  • spam protection using a word/phrase list AND honey pot field
  • easy to use admin panel to keep track of submissions, emails and attachments
  • good documentation

Please visit the Sent API web site for more details information and a variety of online demonstrations.


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