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SiteBuilder Lite v1.25


We have just released SiteBuilder Lite v1.25. After many requests (thanks to our customers for their patience!) we’ve finally been able to implement user signups; users can now create accounts on their own! Other changes below: fixed: loading issues in Chrome altered left menu slide-in effect implement front-end user signups (users can now create accounts themselves) Planned changes for the...

HTML Builder v1.8


We released update v1.8 for our HTML Builder product on CodeCanyon yesterday. Please see the change-log below: improved removal of inline styling before exporting sites implement support for blocks containing advanced JS which modifies underling HTML (such as popular slideshow scripts) re-aligned block action buttons, now aligned horizontal fixed: HTML source code editor overflowing into other...

Productivity boast: do the right work at the right time


After committing to doing more work in less time, it’s time to share my second tip for increased productivity: do the right work at the right time! Most, if not all, of us have certain times of the day during which we do the best work. Some people are at their best in the afternoon or evening, for me this is definitely morning time! I have known this for several years, however strangely I...

Productivity boost: cut out distractions


I recently decided to get serious about increasing my productivity. I realised I was often working long days (10+ hours were not an exception), however when I was looking at the fruits of my labour at the end of the day, I found myself often disappointed with the results. So many hours spend working, but the results weren’t showing… I therefor decided to become serious about...

How to make more money on CodeCanyon


During the past six months, I have been experimenting with selling software at CodeCanyon. Besides publishing 4 5 items, I have also spend a significant amount of time studying successful items and tried to find out what makes items do well in this marketplace. I have been implementing my findings when developing my latest items and thought I’d share them here as well. Here goes! 1. Pick...

My first $2,000 month at CodeCanyon


Exciting news! Last month was the first month I reached $2,000 selling software over at CodeCanyon! Yeah! $2,008.38 to be exactly! Slowly, but steady, I’m moving towards that $3,000 per month (semi) passive income goal. It’s been six months now since I started experimenting with selling items on CodeCanyon and I’m confident that, before the year is over, I will reach my goal of...

It’s been a while!


Yeah yeah yeah, I know… It’s been more then a month and a half since my last post and that’s not what we agreed upon. I was supposed to provide weekly updates as to how my software adventures are progressing. I’ve spend about a month on holiday in Europe and between getting back settled in and having friends over, well…. let’s just say it’s been hard...

A lesson about consistency as a recipe for business success


As most people who are running their own business or who are somehow self employed, I often wonder about the requirements of making my business a long term success. It amazes me how these requirements often appear the same between totally different industries! One of these requirements is consistency. I’m living in Thailand and have been for a decade now. Once or twice a year, I travel back...

CodeCanyon: 3 months in


It’s been a while since my last post detailing my CodeCanyon adventure, so it’s about time I share some details and describe recent events! Databased Personal Edition Since I haven’t shared anything about our latest product, Databased Personal Edition, let’s start there! The product was released on 12th of May and was received quite nicely! After the first week, the...

A Small Orange is my new best friend!


After being screwed over royally by the past two weeks, it was time for me to yet again start looking for a trustworthy hosting partner. I have been around long enough to know that when it comes to hosting, you’d better be careful with the cheap ones. Sure, we all like a fully managed VPS with WHM/cPanel for $10 per month, however when shit hits the fan and you need help...

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