How regular exercise helps me grow my business


I am sure we all agree that regular exercise is important for our health and general well-being. So I won’t bore you with the generic, well-known reasons to exercise. Instead I will give a few examples of how my exercise schedule is helping me grow my online business. My personal exercise schedule It honestly does not get much simpler than this; Monday to Friday, I run 5 km every morning before...

Reverse Engineering A Successful Lifestyle Business


Just ran into this amazing article on Toomas about “Reverse Engineering A Successful Lifestyle Business“. It’s an awesome article based on the author’s findings going over experiences from successful lifestyle business founders over at Indie Hackers. Everyone thinking about starting a (lifestyle) business should definitely read this!

Found myself without a job and decided to try starting a software product business


  Here goes! After working on half a dozen businesses and companies for the past six years, I recently found myself without work and without regular income. I figured this might be a good moment to dust off my software company (I founded Chilly Orange over three years ago and never really did anything great with it) and start fulfilling my destiny; building awesome software and trying to...

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