Self hosted DIY website builder for digital agencies


It’s been in the making for quite some time; but SB Pro is now finally here! After officially launching the end of May, we have a seen a steady flow of new customers looking to launch their very own website builder platform. Who is it for? Our typical customers are small to medium sized digital agencies, mostly focussing on web design and web development. We are seeing that a growing number...

SiteBuilder Pro officially on it’s way!


SiteBuilder Pro is coming in Q1 2017! More then two years after releasing our very first site builder product (HTML Builder) we have finally been able to fully commit to developing a Pro version of our popular SiteBuilder product. Ever since we initially launched SiteBuilder, we have had plans for a Pro version with several additional features allowing license holders to use SiteBuilder as a turn...

I’m still alive!


I have been so terrible at maintaining my blog, it’s almost embarrassing! For the past couple of months, I haven’t posted anything but a bunch of release statements for product updates. Terrible, I know… I have made so many commitments to blogging regularly, but so far I haven’t been able to keep it up for more then a couple of weeks. Apparently it’s a common issue...

Protect your web site against downtime with Failswitch!


As most web site owners fill find out sooner or later, web sites CAN & WILL go down at some point. There’s a good reason why hosting providers never, ever advertise 100% uptime. It’s a simple fact of live, at some point you will experience some sort of trouble with your web site and if your web site is a crucial part of your business, the damage can be quite extensive. In the ever...

HTML Builder 1.82


We have just released HTML Builder v1.82. We have decided to drop the frame zooming function as it was giving too many performance issues, especially with Chrome. And since most buyers and users are using larger screens, we figured it’s save to display the blocks and canvas full size. To be on the save site, we now automatically hide the entire sidebar, which will re-appear when hovering...

Databased Personal Edition is almost ready!


I’m very happy to announce that Databased Personal Edition is getting close to being released! Another week or so, and hopefully it will be available over at CodeCanyon. For those who haven’t read my previous post about the development of Databased Personal Edition, please have a look here. The main goal of this new release is to provide a simpler and lighter version of the existing...

Databased updates


Just a quick post to let the world know about two recent updates to our beloved Databased application. The first update fixed up a whole bunch of small bugs (an exact log can be found on the application’s CodeCanyon page) AND finally made the application translation ready! As off now, all text used throughout the application is placed in a separate language file. Besides allowing for easy...

Databased: 8 weeks in


Yep! It’s been a whole eight weeks already since I published Databased on CodeCanyon! So I figured today would be a good time to share some figures and talk a bit about who the past eight weeks have been. As of today, Databased has sold 124 copies. Therefor, on CodeCanyon, the application has generated $3,720. Of that $3,720, $1,997.20 ended up in my own pocket. I guess I can say I’m...

Databased will be split in half!


Yep. You read it right, no typos or spelling mistakes. I’m going to be splitting our beloved application in two! Enough funny business, let me explain; I will be releasing a new version of Databased in the next few weeks. The current version will be rebranded as “Databased Server Edition” and the new version will be branded as “Databased Personal Edition”. The server...

Sent API v1.2 released


Sent API version 1.2 has just been accepted onto CodeCanyon. This small update adds the following two new features: Dynamic “reply to” fields Instead of specifying a static value for the custom “_replyto” field, you can now enter a dynamic value. This will allow you use the value of another field within the form as the value for the “replyto” field. This works...

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