Databased v1.3.1 released


We’re proud to announce version 1.3.1 of our Databased product! The latest version was accepted into CodeCanyon about an hour ago. This latest version included the following upgrades and fixed: fixed: can’t delete admin users fixed: automatically showing new column details in new table popup fixed: better support for messy database, table and column names feature: CSV imports for new tables...

Snappy Checkout: promising new solution for selling online


While consuming my daily dose of early morning Hacker News, I ran into this little thread on the page two: . This “Show HN” thread discusses a recently developed service for processing online payments. It’s called Snappy Checkout, and I’m impressed! The first thing that caught my attention is the fact Snappy Checkout accepts both Stripe and Paypal. I think all of us who...

Brand new dedicated support site


I am proud to announce Chilly Orange’s brand new dedicated support site, located at . Since giving support through the comment section on CodeCanyon or Themeforest can make a man’s hair go grey, I decided to move support away from the market place. This will allow us to give much better support, plus it will keep all issues in a clear and single location, making it easier for...

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