It’s been a while!


Yeah yeah yeah, I know… It’s been more then a month and a half since my last post and that’s not what we agreed upon. I was supposed to provide weekly updates as to how my software adventures are progressing. I’ve spend about a month on holiday in Europe and between getting back settled in and having friends over, well…. let’s just say it’s been hard...

A Small Orange is my new best friend!


After being screwed over royally by the past two weeks, it was time for me to yet again start looking for a trustworthy hosting partner. I have been around long enough to know that when it comes to hosting, you’d better be careful with the cheap ones. Sure, we all like a fully managed VPS with WHM/cPanel for $10 per month, however when shit hits the fan and you need help...

Hosting horror stories: stay clear of VPS9!


I’m sure we all got them, those stories of when hosting goes terribly wrong and you’re totally hung out to dry by your trusted hosting partner. In the odd twelve years I’ve been involved with building, maintaining and hosting web sites for clients, I have seen my fair share of totally worthless hosting companies. My recent experiences with is the latest addition to that...

Easy-does-it Ajax file uploads


Remember the days where we had to pull out all the stops when trying to make Ajax file uploads work? Nasty iFrame implementation and all? Well, no more! We’re finally reaching a point where it’s becoming safe to use a new HTML5 feature called “the formdata object”. What this comes down to is basically a better version of the old XHR object used to make asynchronous...

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