How regular exercise helps me grow my business


I am sure we all agree that regular exercise is important for our health and general well-being. So I won’t bore you with the generic, well-known reasons to exercise. Instead I will give a few examples of how my exercise schedule is helping me grow my online business. My personal exercise schedule It honestly does not get much simpler than this; Monday to Friday, I run 5 km every morning before...

Mistakes I made launching my latest project


Looking back at launching SB Pro at the end of May; I now realize I have made a bunch of obvious mistakes. Admitting to these mistakes and writing them down here will hopefully help others prevent making the same mistakes. At the very least, it will prevent me from making them again! Mistake 1: Setting a fixed launch date This was by far, the biggest mistake I made. I have made the same mistake...

Why developers-turned entrepreneurs struggle with growing their businesses


When speaking with colleague programmers, it seems the majority of them either have concrete plans to start a (side) business of some sort or the ambition to do so someday. When they finally start working on their big idea, marketing/sales in particular, and overall growth in general, are areas they often struggle with. I know I did, and still do. What gives? Developers are often product people...

Productivity boast: do the right work at the right time


After committing to doing more work in less time, it’s time to share my second tip for increased productivity: do the right work at the right time! Most, if not all, of us have certain times of the day during which we do the best work. Some people are at their best in the afternoon or evening, for me this is definitely morning time! I have known this for several years, however strangely I...

Productivity boost: cut out distractions


I recently decided to get serious about increasing my productivity. I realised I was often working long days (10+ hours were not an exception), however when I was looking at the fruits of my labour at the end of the day, I found myself often disappointed with the results. So many hours spend working, but the results weren’t showing… I therefor decided to become serious about...

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