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It’s been a while since my last post detailing my CodeCanyon adventure, so it’s about time I share some details and describe recent events!

Databased Personal Edition

Since I haven’t shared anything about our latest product, Databased Personal Edition, let’s start there! The product was released on 12th of May and was received quite nicely! After the first week, the product was listed as the second best seller in the PHP category with somewhere around 23 sales (in the first week). As with most new products, it slowed down a bit after the first week. At this point, the product has been on the marketplace for just over three weeks and has sold 52 copies. The total revenue generated by those sales is $1,092 and after Envato takes it cut, of that $1,092, roughly $568. All in all, it’s a pretty good result and I’m quite happy!

Since Databased Personal Edition is kind of a slimmed down and slightly altered version of the Server Edition, I didn’t have to build the application from scratch and therefor it didn’t take up an awful lot of time to finish off the product. I reckon it took me roughly 25 hours to create the final product. And as it currently stands, Personal Edition is less support heavy then Sever Edition (most likely due to the fact that Personal Edition does not require MySQL root access and is easier to setup).

Databased Server Edition

Our flagship product, Databased Server Edition, is also still doing rather well. And the great thing about Server Edition is that it appears to have arrived at a rather stabile number of sales each month. During the month of May, the product generated 52 sales. These sales generated a revenue of $1,560 and after Envato took it’s cut, of that $1,560, roughly $811 found it’s way into my wallet.

All in all, May was our best month so far, generating a total of $1,500. Below you’ll find the number for the month of March through May:

  • March: 77 sales, $1,200.36
  • April: 78 sales, $1,003.88
  • May: 118 sales, $1,508.00

It might also be good to mention here that my CodeCanyon portfolio is already generating more work as well. I’m usually not keen on taking on minor customisation jobs and I typically say no to such requests. That said, I made a few exceptions the past month, either when I had some free time on my hands or when I felt a special connection with the client in question and simply wanted to help out. These odd jobs over the past few months generated roughly another $800. I could have easily doubled this number by taking on more customisation jobs, but I really didn’t want to.

At the beginning of my CodeCanyon adventure, I stated that the goal was to get to the point where our CodeCanyon account is generating $3,000 every month. If I were very optimistic, I’d sat I’m half there. However, it’s still to early to say wether these numbers are sustainable or wether they will decline over time (which seems more likely, especially if I won’t keep adding new products).

Anyway, it’s been an exciting first three months, and the concept of building things I want to build and then being able to make decent money by selling is still extremely satisfying and I’m definitely going to keep on doing this for at least another couple of months. I’m still planning to make it to $3,000 a month, after which I’ll re-evaluate and determine what’s next.

I’m currently on holiday in Europe for a good month, so nothing much will happen in terms of new products or major updates to the existing products. It was about time I’d charge my batteries and got some time off.

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