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When developing a product specifically for Envato Market, CodeCanyon in particular, it goes without saying you would want this product to generate as much revenue as possible. One way to achieve this is to look for ways to publish a single product multiple times on the marketplace. Now, of course you can not simply publish the exact items more then once, so you want to put your creative hat on and come up with ways to slightly modify your product, just enough so it can be viewed as a different product.

An example of this would be creating different versions of the same product; for example a lite/basic version and a pro version. We took a similar approach with our Databased products. We initially published what is now called the Server Edition. A couple of months after this, we released a slimmed down version (which also does not require a dedicated server or VPS) called Personal Edition. So far, both products combined have sold close to a 1,000 copies and generated close to $15,000 in profits. Besides the lite/pro approach, there are other distinctions you can apply to create different products. For one of our other products, SiteBuilder Lite, we are planning a new version directed at marketing professionals. The base product will be the same, however we’ll add a couple of features which make this version more attractive for online marketeers.

The ways to go about re-using code and creating multiple versions of a single product are virtually limitless and creative thinking will get you a long way! It’s definitely worth some time to think this through though, as releasing a product several times can drastically increase profits and exposure on the Envato Market sites.

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