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Yep! It’s been a whole eight weeks already since I published Databased on CodeCanyon! So I figured today would be a good time to share some figures and talk a bit about who the past eight weeks have been.

As of today, Databased has sold 124 copies. Therefor, on CodeCanyon, the application has generated $3,720. Of that $3,720, $1,997.20 ended up in my own pocket. I guess I can say I’m fairly happy with this number. When I started this experiment, I was hoping this item would be putting about $500 in my pocket every month, and since it turned out to be pretty much double that, I can’t complain!

In terms of the amount of work I am putting in, as I mentioned in a previous post, before launching the application, I spend about 60 hours developing it. At the moment, I am still actively developing it (more so then during the first month) and this includes working on the personal edition (which we’ll be releasing in a couple of weeks). Currently, I am spending about 30 minutes per day on support (this has gone down a bit compared to the first month) and perhaps another 5 -7 hours per week in active development (this varies quite a bit, depending on other projects I have on my plate).

I’ve also been meaning to share a little info on the traffic the sales site has been getting. I was expecting (based on previous experience selling themes on Themeforest several years ago) that I’d see a spike in traffic the first week or so, and then a rather steep decline until the traffic stabilises at a certain level. This process also pretty much seems to be the consensus amongst Envato authors and people to seem expect a high number of sales the first week or so after which this expected to decline.

What I saw with Databased was not quite like this as you can see in the screen shot below (click for a bigger view):

Indeed, the most traffic on one single day was within the first week, however the decline after the first week has been much much lower then I anticipated. At the moment, the sales site averages around 100+ visitors per day and it seems quite stable.

The screen shot below shows the traffic progression for our second item, Sent API:


When looking at the traffic for Sent API, we can see that the decline after the initial two weeks is much bigger. The average daily traffic on the Sent sales site is about 40+.

It goes without saying that Databased is selling better then Sent API. However, even Sent API is averaging at more then 1 sale per day, which I feel is still pretty alright.

I am starting to feel a bit conflicted about wether or not to keep on building and publishing items on CodeCanyon though. Sure, if I can manage to build say four more items which will sell as well, or better then, Databased, I’ll be looking at some nice semi-passive income every month. There are a couple of things about CodeCanyon that are starting to rub me the wrong way, and the biggest one is the quality of the majority of items current on CodeCanyon. I am looking daily at new submissions and the average quality is…. well, not good! Of course there are quite a few exceptions and there are some very nice scripts for sale but the majority of items are simply nothing great (and the sales of many of these items seem to reflect this). This is in sharp contrast to other Envato marketplaces though. Take Themeforest for example, the average quality is much higher. I’ve got a whole to write about this subject, so I better save this for another post 🙂

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