Databased: four weeks in


Yesterday, it was exactly four weeks ago that I released my first application into the wild (the wild being and it has been an interesting four weeks, no doubt!

Let’s start off with the numbers! As of yesterday, Databased has generated 74 sales, netting a total revenue of $2.190. After Envato takes their cut, I am left with $1.126.62. What exactly did I do to earn this money? I have spend about three weeks building the application before releasing it, or roughly 60 hours (4 hours per day, 5 days per week). After releasing the application, I have been giving support and spend some time on fixing bugs and adding some more features, lets say 5 hours on support and another 7 hours on fixing bugs and adding features. Adding this to initial 60 hours I spend building the software, makes a grand total of 67 hours. Dividing the profits by the total amount of time spend so far, makes for a payout of $16.82 per hour.

This is actually the first time I am doing the math. Until just now, I haven’t thought at all about how much I have been pocketing on an hourly basis. $16.82 per hour…. I guess I can live with this. It’s not a huge amount, and it’s only been four weeks, so I will still need to see how this is going to pan out long term. That said, I am confident that if I keep on moving ahead and release a few more applications, within several months, my monthly income can easily be back to it’s previous level ($3.000+ monthly).

There are a few things I will definitely need to improve on though, and the main one is support. I can easily see support spiraling out of control when releasing more complex applications. Databased, our first application, is off average complexity, and with the limited amount of sales so far, support is already taking up a significant amount of time. I can only imagine how this will be once reaching hundreds, if not thousands of sales! One way I’m trying to tackle the support issue, is by using our new dedicated support site: By moving away from the comments section at CodeCanyon, all support tickets will be organized and searchable for everybody, hopefully customers will have a peak at existing tickets before creating a new one (even if they don’t, I can always refer them to an existing ticket if that would solve their issues). Furthermore, I’ll be making a serious effort to publish a series of articles covering most common issues and publish these in the knowledge base section of our support site.

What makes Databased a rather support heavy application, is the fact that it ties in with many native MySQL features (permissions and users are two of them) and that root access is required to perform several tasks on the MySQL server. Obviously, this leads to issues where people using a shared hosting environment are trying to get the application to work and run into issues. We clearly mention the server requirements on the sales site and the item description on CodeCanyon, however it still seems to get by a lot of people. I could go on and talk quite a bit more about the support challenge we’re facing with Databased, hopefully I’ll find the time to write up a dedicated post over the next few weeks.

Moving forward

The plan for the next few weeks is as follows:

  1. Release a new update for Databased
  2. Release our next CodeCanyon item (95% ready)
  3. Write up some articles for our knowledge base on the the support site


Though I’m just get started with publishing software, I have to say there is something immensely rewarding about using your own skills and creativity to build something and see that there’s people out there who not only like what you have built but are happy to pay for it! The freedom, fulfillment and joy that come with this way of earning money is simply wonderful!


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