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I’m very happy to announce that Databased Personal Edition is getting close to being released! Another week or so, and hopefully it will be available over at CodeCanyon. For those who haven’t read my previous post about the development of Databased Personal Edition, please have a look here.

The main goal of this new release is to provide a simpler and lighter version of the existing Databased (from now onwards called “Databased Server Edition“), aimed specifically at users who don’t own a VPS or dedicated server. This new release will be able to manage a single database, whereas the Databased Server Edition is capable of managing an entire MySQL server.

This might appear to be a small difference, however the technical implications are rather big. Since Databased Server Edition was providing several functions requiring extensive permissions on the underlying MySQL server, a lot of the code had to be rewritten to allow a “regular” MySQL user to use application. An example of this is user management. With Databased Server Edition, the application’s user management was paired up with actual MySQL users and therefor permissions to create users and change permissions is a requirement for using Databased Server Edition.

To summarise the major differences between Databased Server Edition and Databased Personal Edition:

  1. Databased Personal Edition does not require a VPS or dedicated server, access to a simple MySQL database is sufficient
  2. Databased Personal Edition is capable of managing a single database (within that database you can have unlimited tables) whereas Server Edition is capable of managing an entire MySQL server
  3. Personal Edition user management is application level only, whereas Server Edition users are paired with MySQL users
  4. Personal Edition does not have the notes functionality (Server Edition does)
  5. Personal Edition does not have the revisions functionality (Server Edition does)
  6. Personal Edition does not have the file/image upload functionality (Server Edition does)
  7. Personal Edition comes with an easy installer (similar to install script used by WordPress) whereas Server Edition requires some more effort for the installation process.

Once released, both Personal Edition and Server Edition will be developed independently from one another. We’ll examine feedback and feature requests for both versions separately and decide which features will make it into which version.

As a thank you to all early adopters of Databased Server Edition, we offer you a free trial version of Personal Edition. Please note that only buyers of Databased Server Edition are eligible for this free version. To make use of this offer, please use our Envato profile ( to send us a message (this way we can verify that bought Databased Server Edition). This offer is valid until Saturday the 10th of May.

Please note that if you’d like to receive updates to Databased Personal Edition, you would still need to purchase a license through CodeCanyon (since we’re not allowed to distribute the software outside of CodeCanyon once it’s for sale there).

As always, if you have any questions or remarks, please reach out!

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