Databased Server Edition v1.4.5


After nearly 10 months, we were finally able to free up some time and implement some much needed improvements into our beloved first CodeCanyon item: Databased Server Edition! During this update, we’ve focussed mostly on fixing up dozens of bugs; both big and small and unfortunately, we weren’t able yet to implement any major new features. We’re hoping though, that from now on, we’ll be able to dedicate more resources towards our Databased products (including Databased Personal) and implement some of the much requested features.

Below is an overview of some of the improvements and fixes implemented with version 1.4.5:

  • fixed: removal of auto_increment on primary key columns when renaming the column
  • fixed: not showing SELECT column type on the columns tab
  • fixed: permission issue for non-admin users when returning notes from the server
  • fixed: problem with importing a CSV file with less then 3 rows
  • fixed: bug with read only access to entire database
  • fixed: connections don’t update
  • fixed: tableTools 2 Requires Datatables 1.9
  • fixed: dbmodel->exists() slow when large number of databases
  • fixed: can’t delete record note
  • improved: better table connections (proper linked data is now showing, rather then the primary ID’s in data table view)
  • improved data collation/encoding (data and mysql)

Planned for the next update

  • public facing data view and search (without having to log into the application)
  • column based filters
  • formulas

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