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Just a quick post to let the world know about two recent updates to our beloved Databased application. The first update fixed up a whole bunch of small bugs (an exact log can be found on the application’s CodeCanyon page) AND finally made the application translation ready! As off now, all text used throughout the application is placed in a separate language file. Besides allowing for easy translations, this also allows users to customise all text used throughout the application.

The second update was primarily to facilitate image/file uploading. The reason why I waited rather long with implementing this much requested feature is that I wasn’t exactly sure what the right implementation looked like. We could use blob/binary fields in MySQL tables and store the raw data in there, or we could allow for simple file uploads and allow the images and links to be inserted into regular text fields. The second option is the one we ended up with. I don’t feel MySQL tables should be used to store file data since the regular file system is perfectly capable of doing this.

The final implementation uses an extension of the rich text editor which can now be used to insert images OR to upload files. The current implementation is only the first phase of the feature, and we’re likely to improve this as we get some feedback from our users.

We have also added a simple file library panel allowing admin users to delete files. As with the upload feature, the library feature is likely to undergo several improvements as time goes by. If you’re a Databased user and like to share some feedback regarding the latest improvements to Databased, please feel free to reach out!

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