Databased v1.3.1 released


We’re proud to announce version 1.3.1 of our Databased product!

The latest version was accepted into CodeCanyon about an hour ago. This latest version included the following upgrades and fixed:

  • fixed: can’t delete admin users
  • fixed: automatically showing new column details in new table popup
  • fixed: better support for messy database, table and column names
  • feature: CSV imports for new tables
  • feature: CSV imports for existing tables
  • feature: extended search functionality

It goes without saying that both the CSV imports and advanced search functionality are the main new features. Both have been requested numerous times by our first customers, and I hope that by implementing these features we show that we listen to our customers and we’re dedicated to making constant improvements and adding new features.

Click here to view Databased on CodeCanyon.

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