Databased version 1.2.2


After finally being able to focus my attention on Databased again, I’ve been able to release version 1.2.2. The following bugs and features have been addressed/implemented:

  • fixed: tables without primary key can not be updated
  • fixed: the date fields show through the connected data drop down when editing or creating record
  • fixed: issues when deleting records referenced by third table
  • fixed: take extra care when updating primary key fields
  • fixed: getForeignKey using $db
  • fixed: deleting a user role when users are assigned that role
  • fixed: datepicker positioning issues
  • fixed: regular users viewing record see “array” instead of actual data
  • fixed: missing primary key error message
  • fixed: prevent app from deleting main admin user
  • fixed: deletion of tables referenced by foreign keys, throws a proper error message
  • feature: implemented select columns (choose a value from several pre-defined options)
  • feature: private records (user roles can be set to use private records in certain tables, allowing these users access to their own data only)

As you can obviously tell from the list above, this release mostly addresses bugs and I’ve only been able to implement two new features (both of which have been requested a bunch of times).

I am aiming to make the next release more about adding new features. The goal is to incorporate most, if not all, the features below:

  • CSV/Excel data imports (create new tables by importing an Excel sheet or CSV file)
  • Extended search functionality
  • A better way to display relational data
  • File and image uploads
  • Public forms

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