Databased will be split in half!


Yep. You read it right, no typos or spelling mistakes. I’m going to be splitting our beloved application in two!

Enough funny business, let me explain; I will be releasing a new version of Databased in the next few weeks. The current version will be rebranded as “Databased Server Edition” and the new version will be branded as “Databased Personal Edition”.

The server edition will remain actively developed and will be made into a power tool for users looking to simplify managing multiple databases. Think phpMyAdmin, but better looking and way more user friendly! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love phpMyAdmin! I’ve been using it for many years and it’s been a great tool. But, honestly, database administration can be done a lot better then what’s currently out there. Handling of foreign keys and relational data is a pain, amongst others. Also, the UI of phpMyAdmin leaves a lot to be desired. This is where Databased Server Edition will try and leave it’s mark.

Databased Personal Edition on the other hand will target non-tech users looking for an easy way to manage and share data online. This version will offer more spreadsheet type functionality, powered by a single database rather then offering access to multiple databases like Server Edition will. This also means that Personal Edition will no longer require a VPS or dedicated server to function, and installing it will be a breeze! If you can install and setup WordPress, you can install and setup Databased Personal Edition! Personal Edition is currently under development and will be released within the next few weeks on CodeCanyon.

Customers who have already purchased a license for the current version of Databased will keep that license and will have access to all future updates of Databased Server Edition. We will also offer all buyers of the current version of Databased a free trial version of the first release of Databased Personal Edition (we will reach out to customers once we have this version ready).

For those interested…

For those interested in how I came to this decision, I’ll explain… I originally started building Databased when I was working for a startup which required a back-end for it’s web application urgently. There was not enough time to build something custom, and all we required was a way for non-tech users to access parts of the databases to either retrieve data or change/add data. It was built as an application to be setup by an administrator (a technical person) on a server and configured for access by non-tech users to get access to important data.

What happened though, is that a rather large number of business and/or “regular” users ended up buying the software and getting lost with it’s complexities. Many don’t seem to understand or grasp the VPS/dedicated server requirement and have difficulties setting up the application and getting it to work properly. After speaking to quite a few customers, it appears the application is rather popular with business/regular users who obviously have a different set of requirements then server or database administrators. Hence the decision to release a second version of Databased targeting regular and business users.

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