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We have just released HTML Builder v1.82. We have decided to drop the frame zooming function as it was giving too many performance issues, especially with Chrome. And since most buyers and users are using larger screens, we figured it’s save to display the blocks and canvas full size. To be on the save site, we now automatically hide the entire sidebar, which will re-appear when hovering the mouse over it. This way, the full screen width is utilised by the canvas

An added benefit of this decision is the fact that, without the zoom function, the canvas is now responsive as well (scaling down the window will result in the canvas scaling down with it).

Below are the changes we’ve made in v1.82:

  • improved sidebar functionality
  • fixed: Chrome issues (browser becoming unresponsive with certain blocks)
  • fixed: altered styling missing after export
  • improved responsiveness of the canvas

Planned changes for the next update

  • saving sites/pages
  • (possible) importing sites/pages
  • preview function

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