HTML Builder 1.9

We have just released HTML Builder v1.9. With this new version we have made a start implementing saving sites. Since HTML Builder is pretty much a front-end solution only, without a MySQL database in the back, we’ve chosen to implement the saving feature using the browser’s localstorage API. This means you’re saved site/pages are only accessible within the same browser. Another popular request we were finally able to meet, is the live preview feature. Users can now see what their site/pages will look like for the outside world!

Implemented in v1.9:

  • new feature: saving site/pages using the browser’s localstorage API
  • new feature: live previews

Planned for the next update

  • import/export (still exploring)


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  1. Abhay says:


    I am trying to build a website in which user can create their portfolio pages. This is an apt tool for me. I am not understanding the licensing structure at code canyon. Can you please tell me if I can use this as plugin on my website, what will be the cost?


    1. Matt says:

      Hi Abhay, the only licenses available are those sold by CodeCanyon. For a paid end-product you would need the extended license, for SiteBuilder Lite that would be $145. I hope that helps?