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Yeah yeah yeah, I know… It’s been more then a month and a half since my last post and that’s not what we agreed upon. I was supposed to provide weekly updates as to how my software adventures are progressing.

I’ve spend about a month on holiday in Europe and between getting back settled in and having friends over, well…. let’s just say it’s been hard getting back into posting regularly! That said, I haven’t being laying around doing nothing, oh no! Just a couple of days ago, I released my fourth item on CodeCanyon: HTML Builder! It’s an awesome little Javascript application which allows users to built websites by dragging and dropping pre-defined HTML blocks.

I have taken some inspiration from existing page builders (such as Boostraptor Builder and Startup Generator) and decided to roll my own! This initial release is mainly aimed at publishers who’d like to bundle the HTML Builder with their HTML templates to allow their users to easily customise their templates. It’s also a nice little add-on for CMS and content platforms though. The extended license (allowing buyers to integrate the script into their own products) sells for as little $85, making it a sweet little deal if you ask me!

HTML Builder has been for sale for three days now, selling 26 copies so far (with the regular license priced at $17) making it our best selling product so far (for the first week that is, we’ll need to see how it’s going to work out long term).

HTML Builder is not the end product though, it’s actually part of a bigger application we’re building. Without giving too many details away at this point, let’s just say the final product is going to be one awesome site builder product, with CMS capabilities, remote publishing and much much more! We’re planning to release this final product in about six weeks from now, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Our other items on CodeCanyon are still doing nicely as well. I can’t say I’ve my income goals just yet, but with every new product released, the monthly income is increasing so it’s only a matter of time! I’ll provide some details regarding the finances in my next post.

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