A lesson about consistency as a recipe for business success


As most people who are running their own business or who are somehow self employed, I often wonder about the requirements of making my business a long term success. It amazes me how these requirements often appear the same between totally different industries! One of these requirements is consistency.

I’m living in Thailand and have been for a decade now. Once or twice a year, I travel back to my home country (The Netherlands) to visit family and friends. When I was still living in Europe, I had a lady who cuts my hair who’s roughly the same age as myself (early thirties). She started out working in a beauty salon in a regular salaried job. After a few years, she realised she was pretty good at her job and many customers who visited the salon requested to have their hair cut by her and only her. She also realised the didn’t agree with many of the shop’s policies and started thinking about leaving the salon and continuing as a self employed hair dresser.

When she left, she could have easily taken the bulk the salon’s customers with her and perhaps destroying the salon in the process. She didn’t. She left, and started from scratch. And as it turned out, many of the salons customers were disappointed with her leaving and took it into her own hands to find out where she went and wether she was still cutting hair. Things went well for her since then and she ended up with a ton of customers, many who used to frequent the salon and others who were referred by happy customers.

This all happened many years ago, and till this day, she’s still cutting hair from her own house. Granted, she has a nice little shop downstairs, but it’s just her. When I first took my wife to The Netherlands, she wanted to get her hair done, so I took her to the same hairdresser. As most of her clients, my wife was amazed by her work. We’re in The Netherlands right now and my wife got her hair done again yesterday and while I was waiting, I had somewhat of an epiphany… It dawned on me that one of the main reasons she’s one the most sought after hair stylists in this city, is because the has been doing what she does consistently for all these years.

Granted, there are other moving parts which this lady the hit that she is, however, picking it all apart, consistency seems to have played a huge role in her success and it’s one thing I myself have struggled with for so many years. With so much distractions, and so many exciting things happening in my industry, it can be very hard to simply keep on doing what you do, focus, and turn a little venture into a huge success over the years.

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