Productivity boast: do the right work at the right time


After committing to doing more work in less time, it’s time to share my second tip for increased productivity: do the right work at the right time! Most, if not all, of us have certain times of the day during which we do the best work. Some people are at their best in the afternoon or evening, for me this is definitely morning time! I have known this for several years, however strangely I never before consciously decided to do specific tasks during my most productive hours.

Like many other self employed entrepreneurs,  I used to start my day with checking some email, reading up on HackerNews and other news and blog sites. And, before I knew it, I was creeping up against lunch time already! Yaiks! This had to change, so I am now making a very clear distinction between “important work” and “less important work”. Important work, for me, means doing stuff that is directly making me money, or going to make me money (for example: client work or working on a new product). Less important work is basically everything else work related, this could be: checking email, answering support tickets, doing research, etc. During my prime working hours, say between 9AM and lunch time, I am only allowed to spend time on items on the “important work” pile. Everything waits until later during the day.

It took some getting used to not opening up my mail box first thing in the morning, however after a few days I got totally used to it and now I am not even thinking about opening my mail box until after lunch.

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