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As most web site owners fill find out sooner or later, web sites CAN & WILL go down at some point. There’s a good reason why hosting providers never, ever advertise 100% uptime. It’s a simple fact of live, at some point you will experience some sort of trouble with your web site and if your web site is a crucial part of your business, the damage can be quite extensive. In the ever faster moving landscape of the Internet, people trying to enter your web site when it’s down, won’t be understanding nor forgiving… they will simply move on to a competitor and take their business elsewhere.

Of course that doesn’t apply to each and every visitor, however every single lost customer will simply mean less business. With todays technology, there’s really no reason for this scenario to play out as often as it still does. There are ways small business owners or people with a web site can protect themselves against issue such as:

  • failing hardware
  • hackers
  • (Distributed) Denial Of Service attacks (DDOS/DOS)
  • broken plugins
  • viruses
  • etc

Failswitch offers it’s customers such a solution! For a small monthly fee (currently $9.99 per month or $99 per year), Failswitch will protect your web site against unforeseen downtime. It does this by continuously monitoring your web site and making daily static copies of your entire site. When Failswitch detects your main web site is down (for whatever reason) it will notify the owner and at the same time re-direct all traffic to the latest copy of that web site.

To make this happen, customers need to host their DNS with Failswitch (for their DNS needs, Failswitch has partnered with the leading DNS provider DNSMadeEasy). Currently, the only features offered are downtime protection, however additional features such as re-direct on demand and delayed post submissions (allowing certain features of the web site to remain functional, like contact forms, comment forms, etc).

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