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It’s been exactly seven days since I released my second product, Sent Api, and therefor I figured I’d write down a quick update of the results so far.

The good people at CodeCanyon saw it fit to price Sent API significantly lower then our first product Databased, at $14. Of course this came as a bit of a disappointment, especially since I was hoping for a $20 price tag. Anyway, considering the fact it took me significantly less time to code Sent, I guess I can live with the lower price tag.

So far, the API has been received rather positive by buyers on the marketplace. The sales volume has been ok, not great, just ok. In the first seven days, we’ve sold 13 licenses, averaging at almost two per day. Obviously the actual $$ ending up in my pocket leaves something to be desired, mostly due to the low price tag. The total revenue from Sent API in the first seven days came to $182. After Envato takes their cut, I am left with roughly $95.

Sent API did receive faster ratings then Databased did, likely due to it being a more basic product and easier to work with then Databased. After only five or six sales, it already received 3 five star ratings, which is obviously nice!

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