Sent API v1.2 released


Sent API version 1.2 has just been accepted onto CodeCanyon. This small update adds the following two new features:

  1. Dynamic “reply to” fields
    Instead of specifying a static value for the custom “_replyto” field, you can now enter a dynamic value. This will allow you use the value of another field within the form as the value for the “replyto” field. This works great if you have an email field and you’d like to use the value of that email field for the “replyto” field.
  2. Global email debugging
    Since some users have indicated they’re having issues sending emails using the API, we have added two debugging switches to the admin panel, allowing to turn on/off debugging for the verification email and/or the main submission email. When turned on, and submitting a form, you’ll see a report on the screen which will tell you if the email was sent and if not, what went wrong.

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