SiteBuilder Lite v1.3


We have just released SiteBuilder Lite v1.3. Besides a couple of bug fixes and improvements, we’ve made a start with the so-called “templates” feature where the administrators can create pre-build page templates for their users. Other changes below:

  • fixed: background image changes undone when publishing
  • feature: live previews
  • fixed: dragging/dropping blocks already on the canvas removes previous changes
  • improvement: better height adjustments after changing a blocks content
  • fixed: user account modal not working properly for non-admin users
  • improvement: improved canvas performance and stability (removed iframe zooming which brings better performance to Chrome)
  • fixed: changed styling gone after publishing

Planned changes for the next update

  • solution for making forms more usable (and being able to receive/process submitted form data)
  • responsive previews
  • additional blocks

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