SiteBuilder Pro officially on it’s way!


SiteBuilder Pro is coming in Q1 2017!

More then two years after releasing our very first site builder product (HTML Builder) we have finally been able to fully commit to developing a Pro version of our popular SiteBuilder product. Ever since we initially launched SiteBuilder, we have had plans for a Pro version with several additional features allowing license holders to use SiteBuilder as a turn-key business platform. Unfortunately, we have been fully occupied with developing/maintaining our other products and in addition we have been developing custom drag&drop software for a range of companies. All this pretty much forced us to shelve the SB Pro plans for quite some time.

Well, this has come to an end! After continuously receiving requests for a Pro version, about two months ago we decided it’s time. Time to fully commit. Time to develop the much requested Pro version of SiteBuilder. We have set the 21st of February as the official launch date and we are now taking pre-orders at a 20% discount (we will run this promotion until the 31st of December).

Features in the initial version

After talking to 100+ existing customers of SiteBuilder Lite (thank you guys so much for your time and patience!!) for the past two months, we have decided to include the following features in the initial version:

  • The software will be 100% white-label, allowing license holders to brand it as they like
  • As SiteBuilder Lite, SB Pro will be self-hosted (license holders will install the software on their own server)
  • Hosting functionality – license holders can offer hosting options to their users (three options will be available: sub folder, sub domain and custom domain)
  • Block based template system – users can drag and drop blocks like headers, content sections, etc onto the canvas to quickly build pages
  • Component drag and drop – users can drag and drop additional components such as buttons, headings, images, maps, etc onto the canvas for fine-grained control over their page
  • Revisions – users will always be able to revert to previous versions of their pages
  • Image libraries – users can maintain their personal library of images they can use in their pages
  • Pre-built templates – license holders can create pre-built templates (for complete pages) which their users can use rapidly build complete sites
  • Membership plans – license holders can create membership plans to which their users can subscribe. Per plan, things like the allowed number of sites/pages, hosting and other options can be set. SB Pro will handle the monthly or yearly billing (payments will be implemented using Stripe)
  • Extended library of bundled blocks – SB Pro will come with 100+ blocks and the option to purchase additional blocks
  • Easy to use CSS editor – users can easily tweak the looks of their pages using the built-in CSS editor
  • Fully functional forms – SB Pro will handle form submissions and can optionally store submitted form data and/or email the data to specified email addresses
  • Source code editor – users can use the built-in HTML source code editor for full control over their pages

Additional features after the first release

Once we release the first version, we will stay in close contact with existing customers to determine which additional features will be added to the next version.

About the discounted pre-orders

As previously mentioned, we’re currently taking pre-orders at a 20% discount. Pre-ordering does not mean you will have to pay us now and hope we will actually release the software! When you pre-order, your credit card details will be taken, however you will not be charged until the day we actually release the software. The 20% discount for pre-orders will remain in place until the 31st of December.

SB Pro licenses

Every license purchased for SB Pro will remain valid for life. After purchasing a license, you are allowed to use the software for as long as you want. The yearly renewal fee applies to updates and support only. As long as you pay the yearly renewal fee, you will be entitled to all updates and priority support. If you decide not to renew the yearly fee, you will no longer receive updates and you will no longer be able to get support, you can however keep on using the software.

Every license gives the license holder rights to modify the software in any form. For more information regarding the licenses, please have a look at the SB Pro site.

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