A Small Orange is my new best friend!


After being screwed over royally by VPS9.net the past two weeks, it was time for me to yet again start looking for a trustworthy hosting partner. I have been around long enough to know that when it comes to hosting, you’d better be careful with the cheap ones. Sure, we all like a fully managed VPS with WHM/cPanel for $10 per month, however when shit hits the fan and you need help, you’re likely to quickly find out why they’re able to offer those damn cheap servers.

Anyway, rather then looking for a cheap hosting provider, I started looking for a smaller, lesser known, slightly more expensive host. The main criteria being; no (reliable) negative remarks regarding the service quality and more importantly, support. The company which quickly floated to the top was…. A Small Orange!

Granted not the cheapest of hosting providers, the focus is clearly on quality. The fact that this results in slightly higher prices seems only natural to me and was therefor not a turnoff. At this point, I would be more then happy to pay double what I was giving VPS9.net if it meant I could go to sleep worry free, knowing skilled and friendly people are just an email or phone call away if something would break. And this is exactly what I am getting with ASO!

Right away after creating my account (I went for a VPS for entire year), support offered to transfer my sites from my old server to the new one. When waking up the next morning, the new server was ready to go!

I had to contact support for a few small issues and some questions, and always got a swift, friendly and helpful reply. Couldn’t be happier so far!

Granted, the real test will be when something goes really wrong, however I have this feeling ASO won’t leave me hanging…

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