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While consuming my daily dose of early morning Hacker News, I ran into this little thread on the page two: This “Show HN” thread discusses a recently developed service for processing online payments. It’s called Snappy Checkout, and I’m impressed!

The first thing that caught my attention is the fact Snappy Checkout accepts both Stripe and Paypal. I think all of us who have sold stuff online using Paypal have ran into some sort of trouble, ranging from annoying reversed charges to fully frozen accounts. If it were up to me, I would dump Paypal all together and find joy in the simple fact I’d never ever have to deal with this horrible company again. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Paypal has been humming along for quite some years now and people (customers) have gotten used to it and are kind off expecting Paypal to be amongst the payment options.

Stripe on the other hand seems to be doing much better in gaining the trust and love of developers and sellers alike. And therefor it’s great to be able to have both options combined into a single payment solution!

Combining Stripe with Paypal is only one feature of Snappy Checkout though. It also offers the following:

  • support for physical products, digital products and…. subscriptions!
  • no signup fees, no monthly fees, just a single $0.50 flat fee per transaction
  • a fully automated checkout system (incl customer data, sales data, protection against fraudulent transactions, etc)
  • automatic receipts send to your customers
  • delivery of digital content
  • subscription dunning
  • API and webhooks

The above is just a summary of what Snappy Checkout is offering. For the whole nine yards, I’d suggest you hop over to the Snappy Checkout web site!

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